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New pattern synthesis sequencer device!

Psyn is a pattern synthesis sequencer instrument

Taking its cue from Mark Fell's work on the Multistability album and the papers before it, this device creates rhythmic patterns in an unconventional way. Each step can have a different duration, a different amount of note repetitions and a different note duration. This creates patterns that can range from complex rhythms to real timbres given by the very fast repetition of notes.

Basically it’s a MIDI effect but it has the possibility to act as a real musical instrument.

The Timbre that is generated by setting very fast patterns is based on the instrument device that follows it.

The notes it generates can be a fixed note or even input notes (single or chords also) on the track. In sustain mode the input notes can even decide when the sequencer should start and when it should stop, creating a real musical instrument.




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