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polyr is a 4-voice polyrhythm generator that can handle the speed of playback up to turning the polyrhythm into a chord.

Theory tells us that the relationship between two or more rhythms is perfectly superimposable to the relationship between the frequencies of two or more notes. Therefore, if we speed up the execution of a given polyrhythm, we obtain a musical interval equal to the ratio between the polyrhythms themselves. For example, the interval of a perfect fifth is given by the ratio 2:3 of two frequencies. So if we construct a polyrhythm of 3 out of 2 and speed it up we get a perfect fifth.

This device therefore allows us to do two things:

1) create "traditional" polyrhythms

2) create chords from polyrhythms and vice versa.

As you can imagine, the most interesting part is obtained in the transitions between the two behaviors.

The system is composed of two devices, a main one (polyr) that generates MIDI notes to a given polyrhythm and a secondary one (polyr bro) that allows to apply a given polyrhythm to any sound playing on an audio track.

USER MANUAL: https://www.tommasorosati.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/polyr_usermanual_2021.pdf

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/mlOb8dsXxYM

2 ratings


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polyr - polyrhythm to chord generator - max for live device

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